goodbye 2016.

Well here we are again, New Years Eve. such a magical time when one year is leaving a whole new one is upon us. so, a few hours ago I was supposed to be hanging out with all my friends and family but 2016 felt like kicking me in the metaphorical balls one last time..

so here I sit, on my iMac at 10:06 PM NYE with a boyfriend who is sick as hell. awesome.

I’ve tried to start a blog before, but no surprise.. it didn’t go very far.

but here we are again trying to start anew. I’m not even gonna try to say all the “new year, new me”.BS, this could be the only post I make all year (well all of 2017). hopefully it won’t be, I really just want to be better at documenting my life so I can look back in it years from now and be reminded of all the things that I deemed important to write down.

and no-one is probably ever going to read this but ya know what.. I really don’t care. I want this platform to just be a place where I can talk about, rant, discuss anything that I fucking want to, and I’m not gonna be sorry about it. If you’re offended, oh well just click off.

But some things I really want to note down real quick are just sixteen things that I am thankful for in 2016.

  1. My family: my day ones, of course they’ve stuck by me with every shitty thing I’ve done this year. I don’t know how they do it sometimes.
  2. My Boyfriend: dear god, am I thankful for him. Andrew, my plus one. All I can say is sometimes I can be a stupid ass psycho bitch. Through it all he’s stuck by me for almost a year , gotta love him.
  3. My Bentley: my Boston terrier puppy, my love. ANYONE who knows me knows that I am basically obsessed with my boy. He’s the biggest sweetie pie.
  4. Family/Friends Health: over the past year so many of my friends have unfortunately had to deal with different sickness and deaths in the family. I have not had to and I am so thankful for that.
  5. One month Sobriety: being an alcoholic fucking sucks, especially when you know you want to stop but just don’t. thankfully I’m starting new… again. just hopefully this time it’ll last .
  6. Medicinal Relief with Anxiety and Stress.
  7. Photography: being creative is where I have always strived the most, so whenever I can take the chance to capture something special its always rewarding.
  8. Youtube: this may seem like a silly one, but youtube has actually taught me so much over the past year.
  9. Work: Gotta feed the family
  10. 950 East D St.*: our little kindof small and a little shitty home, but its OUR first home together. My place of Madness.
  11. Chipotle: Easy enough said.
  12. Trump 2016: weirdest presidential election ever, but fuck yeah lets MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
  13. IMAC- the newest addition to our family (hehe) but omg its made it 1,000 times easier to do anything now.
  14. Learning how to Love: unconditionally, is sometimes a pain in the ass. but it really is the greatest thing to ever learn how to do.
  15. Turning 26: Another year older year, but its another year to start new and I’m so excited cause who the fuck knows what’ll happen.
  16. Feeling Free to be me: coming to the conclusion that I am valuable and learning what that means being carried into my life.

All I really want for this new year coming up is to be a better me that I can be. I’ve been looking at going back to school so I can start an actual career so maybe thats where my adventure will start.

Cheers to a New Year, 2017!



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