bettering my f u t u r e.

im going back to school, on the sixteenth of february! i’ve decided to better myself, not just for me but for my family, boyfriend, bentley and future babies! i decided one day to wake up and put on my big girl panties and pursue a C A R E E R! i havent been so excited in a long time, i deserve to be proud of what i do for a living and working in a retail store (albeit, i love it) i dont want to be thirty something and still working for entry level customer service positions. not that there is anything wrong with that! i just want more out of my life and i know i can do better and people in my life deserve better from me.


my boyfriend used to nag on me about getting a better job and i didnt really understand why he cared so much and why sometimes he seemed a little mean about it! but i get it, he only wants better in life for me. to not live paycheck to paycheck and drive a shitty car. and i love him for that, for not letting me settle when i have so much potential in life! who knows, maybe this time next year when im working in a medical office.. maybe ill be trying for our first b a b y! oh the joys ahead for me and my little family!




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