house of b o s t o n.


sometimes having a dog isnt all its cracked up to be.. they are a l o t of hard work (of course not like having actual children, but still) and its your responsibility to take care of + provide for this little living thing. even just the small things- like with bentley, he is O B S E S S E D with playing fetch, he could literally play for hours upon hours. unfortunately at the moment, my boyfriend and i are working somewhat different schedules + so we sleep at different times as well. sometimes i feel bad because i feel like all the little monster ever gets to do is sleep. but he is a little cuddle bug + loves to cuddle with his mommy + daddy (although, he is wayyyy more a momma’s boy)

i’ve enjoyed about every moment i’ve had with my little man so far, he really is like the light of my life + i know that sounds s i l l y but its somewhat true. animals have always been a good things for me to have around, i have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder + PTSD, so having a companion adds so much love to my life. to win the love of a boston terrier is hard work because they are so s t u b b o r n, yet extremely smart. i think because i bonded with bentley immediately he favors me over his father, hehe.

bentley is due to be bred at the end of march/beginning of april + i couldn’t be more thrilled. i knew that i wanted to get him a playmate when we brought him home and i didnt want them to be too far apart in age so i figured why not just let him have a puppy + that way we know who the parents are + its his kid! how cool is that?! im hoping for a girl, to be named B A I L E Y!



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