soo.. its m a r c h.

wow, I can’t believe it’s already MARCH! I feel like twenty seventeen is already passing so quickly, but I always feel like that I think. although, I’m a little saddened by the fact that I have only blogged like.. four times. but I kindof knew that was going to happen, all I can do is try my best to keep myself updated as often as possible.

baby b is already E I G H T months, I can’t believe it. he feels like he’s much older sometimes because he’s so stinking’ smart.. but then again, i still know that if it gets quiet for too long that he’s probably up to no good. as always, he’s obsessed with playing fetch + could probably play 24/7 he has sooo much energy! but, in about four weeks he’s going to be meeting his future b a b y m a m a. Yep, thats right! We are going to be breeding him and I couldn’t be anymore excited. bostons normally carry anywhere from 4-6 pups in a litter, so I’m finally gonna get my bailey girl! other than that, there isn’t too much to update in the world of baby b besides the fact that he’s become a professional nail messer-upper!

as far as i go, things are pretty great in life! i have nothing too crazy to complain about which is awesome because in the past few months so many people I know have been dealing with some serious issues. im currently bettering my future and cannot wait to graduate in just nine short months!

something i’m currently loving is cooking for my boyfriend, I know that probably sounds kindof strange. once upon a time i was a professional pastry chef, at a nice fancy restaurant downtown. the thing about the world of culinary is that its pretty hardcore as far as alcohol + drugs are concerned. constantly being in that environment wasn’t good for my health, mentally or physically, so i walked away and never looked back in fear that my budding relationship with ecstasy would take me down a road that I wouldn’t ever be able to come back from.

whenever I tried to return to the kitchen, even in my own home, I would get those same feelings + emotions back that came with that world. until about 2 or 3 months ago when I realized that i N E E D E D to overcome my past that I felt was associated with cooking/baking. this may sound silly + i’m probably not making very much sense, but being able to return to my love for creating and providing for my family with the gift i’ve been given of culinary arts has been something I’ve wanted for a long time. its a struggle maybe only one other person knows about but I am so excited that this healing process has begun.

cheers to march + all it has to bring!



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